Kim So Yeon shows off her heart-melting date with her husband Lee Sang Woo 

Kim So Yeon shares the sweet side of her marriage through a normal but sweet date with Lee Sang Woo.

On May 22nd, actress Kim So Yeon posted several photos on her Instagram. In the photos, Kim So Yeon and her husband Lee Sang Woo were enjoying their date at a nearby cafe. Their pictures give off a warm vibe with a gentle atmosphere and peaceful scenery.

Meanwhile, Kim So Yeon and Lee Sang Woo got married in 2017. Last year, Kim So Yeon took on the role of Cheon Seo Jin in SBS ‘Penthouse’, and won the Grand Prize at the SBS Drama Award. Lee Sang Woo also recently appeared on TV Chosun’s series ‘Uncle’, which ended in January.

Source: Nate

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