The viewers expressed disappointment as multi-balm PPL finally appeared in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”

They finally knelt down in front of PPL. The multi-balm product of a small and medium-sized Korean company that is often seen in K-dramas has also appeared in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”.

In the 11th episode of ENA’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, which aired on August 3rd, the scene where “Spring Sunshine” attorney Choi Soo-yeon applied moisturizing balm to her forehead, neck and lips one after another before meeting a man was shown for more than 3 seconds.

It was a scene where the character tried to fix her appearance to look good in front of the guy who suddenly visited her workplace while she was working overtime. The production team tried to expose the product in the most natural way but the scene still stood out and caught the eyes of viewers.

Some people couldn’t hide their dissatisfaction, saying “It’s okay since they didn’t add excessive PPL (product placement) but I’m still disappointed”. Revealing that they supported the drama because there were no PPLs, such as sandwiches, gimbap, red ginseng sticks, massage chairs, headsets, etc., that interfered with the characters’ emotions, many viewers said they felt a little betrayed. 

The bulletin board is also full of complaints, such as “I thought ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ would be different, but seems like there’s no other way”, “Park Eun-bin will soon apply the multi-balm before she kisses”, “I heard a 200 million won foreign car was destroyed in yesterday’s episode. Is that the reason why (PPL appears)?”, etc.

Apart from disappointment and dissatisfaction, some people are even curious about the financial strength and sales power of the company that produces the moisturizing balm. They wonder how big the company is to launch too many advertisements. Some even said that they wanted to know the identity of the company CEO. After episode 11 was broadcast, many screenshots photos along with captions, such as “The inside story of multi-balm’s appearance in ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ told by the multi-balm company staff”, “The reason why our company is serious with PPL”, were posted on SNS sites and online community Mom Cafe. 

A PD from an outsourcing drama production company said, “The strategy of the moisturizing balm company is to increase sales using K-dramas rather than doing overseas business”, adding “I was told that there is a team in the company in charge of PPL”. In addition, the PD explained, “They already participated in supporting the production from episode 7 but their product appeared for the first time in episode 11”.

According to Nielsen Korea, the average viewer rating of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” was 14.2%. This is a decrease of about 1% from the record of episode 10, and the second consecutive decline in the drama’s rating performance.

Source: nate

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