Yeon Gyu-jin denied rumors that Han Ga-in married his son because his family is rich

Actor Yeon Gyu-jin told a behind-the-scenes story about the wedding of his son Yeon Jung-hoon and daughter-in-law Han Ga-in.

Actor Yeon Gyu-jin appeared on KBS’ “Let’s Live Together,” which aired on November 10th, and had a talk with fellow actresses.

The actresses expressed their curiosity about the “rich man rumor” surrounding Yeon Gyu-jin. Yeon Gyu-jin said, “Why did my daughter-in-law (Han Ga-in) marry into my house?” raising the curiosity, “There have been lush rumors,” he said, referring directly to rumors of his family being wealthy.

han ga in father-in-law yeon gyu jin
KBS’s “Let’s Live Together”.

In response, Park Won-sook said, “Han Ga-in married Yeon Jung-hoon while she was doing well with her career made people think the background of the husband’s family must be something,” adding, “In addition, she must have received a lot of property because she was not active after marriage.”

han ga in father-in-law yeon gyu jin
han ga in father-in-law yeon gyu jin

Yeon Gyu-jin said, “I’ve never talked about our personal information on the broadcast. “That’s just how the story spread,” he denied the financial hypothesis.

On this day, Yeon Gyu-jin also explained the rumor that he directly ran theaters and theater companies. He said, “The writers and reporters have written novels,” and explained, “It is the case of a relative who has nothing to do with me directly.” Yeon Gyu-jin then coolly replied to the rumor of him being a famous investment technology expert in the entertainment industry, saying, “I did well in investment technology.”

han ga in father-in-law yeon gyu jin
han ga in father-in-law yeon gyu jin

Yeon Gyu-jin, who is 75 years old this year, is a senior actor and the father of actor Yeon Jeong-hoon. He also showed his affection for his daughter-in-law, Han Ga-in, on TV, showing the image of a “fool for his daughter-in-law.”

han ga in

Meanwhile, Han Ga-in drew attention in 2005 when she announced a surprise marriage with actor Yeon Jung-hoon at the age of 23. Yeon Jeong-hoon and Han Ga-in have one son and one daughter.


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