The undeniable attraction of NewJeans: received commercial deals from more than 100 companies

NewJeans (ADOR) is in demand across different fields, proving their attraction in the industry. 

Gaining vast popularity when the group swept through music charts in their debut, ADOR’s girl group quickly attracted commercial attention for their young, refreshing looks with stylish and catchy choreography. 

Only 3 months old in the industry, NewJeans receives a wide range of commercial deals from various companies across different fields, be it telecommunication, banking, online fashion stores, clothing brands or education. The group is currently the face of top brands such as “SK Telecom”, “Shinhan Bank SOL”, “Musinsa”, “5252 BY O!Oi” and “Megastudy Education Megapass”.

According to their management company, NewsJeans receives “love calls” (offers) from more than 100 companies and is in talks to collaborate on different fields, including several global brands. The group is expected to expand their activities commercially. This sample goes to show how the girl group is the most sought-after name in recent times. 

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