The sweet moment that makes “Single’s Inferno 2” viewers fall for the Catfish “Dex Instructor”

Dex instructor Kim Jin Young, who appears as a Catfish in Netflix’s “Single’s Inferno 2”, captivates women’s hearts with his sweet actions.

The love island is shaking as a Catfish man joins Netflix’s “Single’s Inferno 2.” Following the female cast, the identity of the Catfish, who captivated the hearts of viewers, is Kim Jin Young. In the past, he has showed off his sexy charisma by appearing as a dex instructor on the web entertainment show “Fake Man.”

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On Netflix’s “Single’s Inferno 2,” which is currently airing, Kim Jin Young showed off his delicate and heart-fluttering charms on his trip to Paradise Island with Shin Seul Gi.

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When Shin Seul Gi asked, “Do you know how to style hair?” Kim Jin Young Kim approached Shin Seul Gi, saying, “I’m not good at doing hair, but I’ll try.”He then began to style Shin Seul Gi’s hair using a curling iron.

Obviously, it was the first time he took care of a woman’s hair, but Kim was quite skillful. With his delicate fingertips, he even created volume for Shin Seul Gi’s bangs. However, Shin Seul Gi burst out laughing, saying, “What are you doing?” as if she didn’t like it.

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Netizens responded enthusiastically after seeing the scene, saying, “It is sweet of him to try doing it regardless of whether he is good with his hands or not,” and “Dex instructor wakes up all my dead love cells.”

Meanwhile, Shin Seul Gi actively expressed her feelings to Kim Jin Young, saying, “Can I cross the line?” She is drawing attention as she was 180 degrees different when she was with Shin Dong Woo, her previous Paradise Island date.

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