Kris Wu fans caused a stir again when announcing that they would pillage jail cells to rescue their idol

A group chat that is said to be of Kris Wu’s fans is receiving a lot of attention.

Recently, some comments claimed to be of Wu Yifan‘s fans sparked outrage among netizens as they discussed and attempted to assist the male idol in escaping the crime after getting embroiled in a series of shocking scandals.

Many people are annoyed by Kris Wu’s fans’ overwhelming enthusiasm. These fans were willing to go to jail for the freedom of the male idol, putting pressure on the authorities and even threatening to rob the prison in order to rescue him.

Previously, Kris Wu was arrested for allegedly raping minors. The male idol’s scandal erupted at the end of July, when his ex-girlfriend, Du Meizhu, stepped out to expose him. Following that, a slew of more victims came forward to denounce the male singer, resulting in a string of disasters for him.

kris wu

In mid-August, the Procuratorate of Chaoyang District (Beijing City, China) officially ordered the arrest of Wu Yifan.

The case of Wu Yifan is widely regarded as the most serious and convoluted in Chinese show biz history. According to lawyers, if convicted of crimes, the actor may face a criminal term of a ten-year jail sentence, a life sentence, or possibly the death penalty.

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