“Street Woman Fighter” LA CHICA in 7th place, straight to the elimination battle

Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter” uploaded a trailer for the 6th episode at midnight on Oct 3rd.

The trailer indicated that LA CHICA was the crew who finished at 7th place. This resulted in the members of LA CHICA having to prepare for a battle, which is their last chance to survive in the crisis of elimination.

La Chica
Street Woman Fighter

Their opponent hasn’t been revealed yet. LA CHICA went up to the battlefield and performed with all their might, for which the other teams who saw the performance cheered. However, it is predicted that they could not easily win the elimination crisis.

Street Woman Fighter

Through the trailer, we can definitely expect a fierce battle with subtitles indicating “1 on 1” and on “2 on 2” battles. Leader Gabi collapsed under pressure. There was even a moment of her showing her earnestness, saying, “Please raise your hand to us.”

NCT127 Taeyong

Judge BoA and NCT127 Taeyong tried hard to hold back tears on the desperate stage of the dancers. Taeyong, eventually, failed to do so.

Meanwhile, “Street Woman Fighter” airs every Tuesday at 10:20 p.m. The second elimination will be revealed on Oct 5th.

Sources: dispatch

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