The startling “visuals” of 5 stunt doubles for Korean actresses

Netizens are taken aback by how “realistic” the stunt doubles of these famous Korean actresses look. 

To ensure the safety of actors while filming, it is common for stunt doubles to stand in for them in dangerous sequences. Korean movies and series often impress with the selection of stunt doubles who look almost identical to the actors. However, there are still many times when the viewers are given a good laugh when it is too obvious that stunt doubles are being used and the funny thing is, they look nothing like the actors except for the same clothes. Not only their looks, but the genders of the following stunt doubles in Korean dramas are also different from the actors. 

1. Yoona

The historical drama “God of War, Zhao Yun” is probably the most controversial work in Yoona’s acting career. It is difficult not to mention Yoona’s stunt double that shocked many fans. Behind the scenes photos of the stuntman who performed martial arts scenes for the actress made the viewers burst into laughter. 

2. Ha Ji Won

The hit drama “Secret Garden” unveiled a huge inconsistency in a bicycle riding scene of the female lead.  Accordingly, the filming crew carelessly revealed the face of Ha Ji Won’s handsome stuntman.

3. Shin Hyun Joon

In Bridal Mask, the masked hero played by Shin Hyun Joon seems to be quite skilled at shaving. His beard quickly disappeared after just one scene change. Therefore, at the time of broadcast, the film received many complaints for choosing an inappropriate stunt.

Korean actors double stunts

4. Lee Na Young

Lee Na Young has always been famous for her natural beauty, perhaps so filmmakers also have many difficulties when choosing actors with a similar appearance to her. Therefore, instead of searching too much, the producer chose this actor with tan skin to do the stunt.

Korean actors double stunts
Korean actors double stunts
Korean actors double stunts
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