The sad reality of a large section of Kpop fans

If you have one of these bad habits, you should try to correct it right away!

Starting from 2008, KPOP has become a powerful wave that embraces Asia. East Asian and Southeast Asian countries are the most affected. And also from here, the fandom culture was born that brought many good things but at the same time also caused many bad habits for young people.

Addicted to the idol to the point of not loving or studying

Current KPOP fans are mostly between the ages of 13 and 25, and most are students. Among them, many idol fans are so addicted that their newsfeed on Facebook is full of idols’ pictures, they just talk about KPOP and spend more time pursuing idols than studying.

Many fans neglected their learning, the score plummeted without braking. There are friends who tear apart because one like this group but another is an anti-fan. Many fangirls don’t even look at male friends around because… no one can be as good as their idol, or they even make their boyfriend dye his hair and dress like an idol.

Dear friends, remember that K-POP idols should only be considered as a source of strength for you to be better every day. Don’t let idols cause you to lose future development opportunities.

Hate the rival fandom and hate the idols as well.

If you’ve been watching KPOP for a long time, you will be no stranger to the saying: “I hate group A because of their fandom“. The truth is that any fandom, organization, or group has both bad people and kind people.

Just because of hearsay from some fans on social networks, you shouldn’t hate the other fans who are doing charity, contributing good things to the community, fans who are willing to change the lightstick colors to cheer for another group. Fandom, though annoying as it is, after many years, it will grow up and become more mature.

The idol is even more unrelated. They are working hard, therefore, they shouldn’t deserve the bad reputation caused by fans. We should make a clear distinction, not just relying on “like idol like fans” to judge others. If you have enough time to bash Kpop idols on the internet, why don’t you finish your homework first?

Gender discrimination, bullying

This is the current situation quite popular among KPOP fandom. There are crazy fans for boy groups who are aggressive, hateful and impose “double standards” on female idols.

On the other hand, many fans who support female idols keep shouting feminism and ridicule male idols. Also, the fact that big fandoms often bully the small fandom is not good either. It doesn’t make you look cool, it just proves you are an uncivilized, sexist person!

Cheating, arguing with parents and family

Although I don’t want to, I have to admit that many fans have lied to their parents because of idols. There are people who ask for money to study but actually use the money to buy goods, concerts and then skip school to cheer for idols. Some even quarreled when their parents said otherwise.

Remember that in order to get money for your idol support, your parents have to work hard, every day. If you want to go to a concert or buy an album, make a spending plan, prepare a piggy bank, go to work to get money. You are a KPOP fan but also a child of the family. Learn how to live responsibly right from a young age, and try to make something yourself. Do not use the sweat of your loved ones for your selfishness. The thing that each of us should do is to become fans who can make idols and families proud.


Idol worship is not bad, as long as each of us knows the limit. Basically, the KPOP idol was born to become good examples for young people, helping the youth generation to have a more civilized lifestyle. If you feel your idol is a nice and talented person, try to prove that you are not inferior and totally worthy of being a fan of them.

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