Yang Kyung Won: A skilled actor with remarkable supporting roles 

Yang Kyung Won always manages to deliver amazing performances despite occupying mainly supporting roles. 

Yang Kyung Won is also having a wonderful performance in “Big Mouth” apart from Lee Jong Suk and YoonA. His immersion in the character is receiving praise from the audiences. 

yang kyung won big mouth

In the series, Yang Kyung Won plays Kong Ji Hoon, a chaebol who got robbed of 100 billion won by “Big Mouse”. Fuelled by his desire to get back his money and under the wrong assumption that the main character, Park Chang Ho, is “Big Mouse”, Ji Hoon time after time wages a war, challenges the male lead and corners him in order to take back what he owns.  

yang kyung won big mouth

Yang Kyung Won has an amazing transformation with this role. He is able to have the audience at the edge of their seats for his delivery of a sly chaebol with dirty tricks up his sleeves. Moreover, the character’s anger and eccentricity send chills down the viewer’s spine.

yang kyung won big mouth

A plus point for Yang Kyung Won’s acting is his eyes, expressions and lines. These elements are skilfully manipulated to create a clearer-outlined and captivating character. Moreover Ji Hoon’s relations to other characters are portrayed naturally with equal synergy between characters. Hence, his transformation is no less appealing than that of the main cast. 

yang kyung won big mouth

Prior to this role, the actor is known for bringing to life a charming and humorous Lee Cheol Wook in crime drama series “Vincenzo” in his collaboration with Song Joong Ki. While being only a supporting character, his natural execution of the role quickly gained favor of the audiences. 

Back in 2020, his name gained wider recognition across online communities for his supporting role Pyo Chi Su in the successful rom-com drama hit “Crash Landing on You”. 

vicenzo yang kyung won

His straightforward manner and on-screen joke-making and trolling helped to draw love from the audiences. His interaction scenes with the BinJin couple (Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin) were frequently viral on the Internet for their cuteness and comic elements. 

Apart from those series, Yang Kyung Won also appeared in other dramas such as “One Ordinary Day”, “Arthdal Chronicles” or “Fight For My Way”. 

While taking on supporting roles in majority, his roles always leave a strong impression on the Korean screen. Above all, his appearance almost always guarantees a positive reception from the audience. 

Apart from his acting, the male 1981-born actor can also dance and sing. Yang Kyung Won actually has a background in music and acting. He pursued tap-dancing at first then changed to acting as a career later on. In a fanmeeting, Kyung Won swept fans off their feet with his sweet and soulful voice. 

Yang Kyung Won is a talented actor with a love for arts. Hopefully the actor will soon have his breakthroughs in his career and continue delivering more quality performances. 

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