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From Park Bo-gum, Park Seo-joon to Kim Yoo-jung, the actors even drink alcohol together… “Youth MT” is definitely a real MT 

“Youth MT” revealed interesting points that raise fans’ expectations for its official broadcast.

TVing’s original program “Youth MT” will be released for the first time on September 9th. The charms of “Youth MT” teams, which consist of cast members from “Love in the Moonlight”, “Itaewon Class”, and “The Sound of Magic”, were revealed by the actors themselves. In addition, a 60-second preview video was also released to give the viewers a glimpse of the chemistry between the actors.

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# 3 different charms and interesting points about each team revealed by the actors

First of all, “Love in the Moonlight” Kim Yoo-jung, who boasts pleasant chemistry with her fellow actors, shared, “It’s been a long time but I think we’re still close and happy to be together like we just met yesterday”, showing off their unchanging teamwork. In particular, she recalled the past and said, “We had so much fun filming the drama together while completing our separate parts well”.

“Itaewon Class” Park Seo-joon shared, “I hope I will have an exciting time at ‘Youth MT’ with the amazing teamwork of when we operated ‘Danbam’ together”, expressing his happiness. He continued, “Thanks to the director, we could gather to see each other again and make special memories”. Expectations are high for the performance of “Itaewon Class” team with high tension.

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“The Sound of Magic” Ji Chang-wook revealed the warm chemistry of seniors and juniors in his team. The actor shared, “The best expression to describe teamwork is the phrase ‘All right’. I want to thank my team members for following my lead so well. We complete what each of us lacks. We may look quiet but we enjoy playing around with each other.”

In the meantime, the actors also pointed out interesting things for the viewers to look forward to “Youth MT”.

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Park Bo-gum of “Love in the Moonlight” team said, “I want to invite the fans who loved our drama on this trip together with the fellow actors that I haven’t met for a while. During the Chuseok holiday when the moonlight shines the brightest, I hope everyone can spend a happy time with your precious people”, delivering his Chuseok greeting.

Kim Yoo-jung added, “While playing games together, I made a lot of new friends, so please look forward to the new combinations”, emphasizing “new combination” as a key point to watch the show.

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“Itaewon Class” actor Park Seo-joon expressed his ambition, saying “I think it will be more interesting if you think that the members of ‘Danbam’ from ‘Itaewon Class’ are going on an MT with other friends. There are many funny stories that you can’t find on any other entertainment shows”.

In addition, Kwon Na-ra said, “All 15 actors of the three teams enjoyed the filming so much. I hope the positive energy from this joint MT can be delivered to many viewers in a pleasant and interesting way”, making fans more curious about the challenges they took in this program.

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“The Sound of Magic” Ji Chang-wook commented, “I and my team members literally have no entertainment experience, so I think our fresh side and charms revealed while we were adapting to entertainment content will attract the viewers”, adding “Since this ‘Youth MT’ is held as a joint MT, I hope everyone will look forward to our chemistry with the actors from other works in this program”.

Choi Sung-eun said, “You can wait and see the lovely and simple side as well as the harmless cuteness of ‘The Sound of Magic’ team members”, adding “I think watching the appearance of members from different teams greeting each other awkwardly then getting closer will be very exciting.”

# 60-second preview of “Youth MT”

The 60-second video showing actors from each team talking about their charms is also drawing keen attention. Some actors, who are serious when it comes to games, show their strong desire to win and unveil their impressive entertainment skills. Above all, as the MT continues, the actors become closer to each other.

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Meanwhile, episodes 1 and 2 of “Youth MT” will be revealed at once through TVing at 4 p.m on September 9th. A total of 8 episodes will be released within seven weeks. 

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