“The Red Sleeve” viewers left malicious comments under the photo of Lee Jun-ho holding the sleeve of Yoona’s clothes, “My immersion in the drama is ruined”

Actor-singer Lee Jun-ho received malicious comments after posting the photo of him holding Girls’ Generation Yoona’s clothing sleeve and hashtagged “The Red Sleeve”.

In fact, “The Red Sleeve” has not ended yet so some viewers believed the picture of Lee Jun-ho grabbing the sleeve of another woman disrupted their immersion in the drama. Playing Lee San – the male lead of “The Red Sleeve”, Lee Jun-ho is drawing attention for his loveline with Lee Se-young, who plays the female lead Sung Deok-im.

On the 31st of last month, Lee Jun-ho posted a photo taken with Yoona on his SNS. In the caption, he wrote “With MBC’s Mistress” and added the hashtag #TheRedSleeve.

The released photo showed Lee Jun-ho posing while holding the sleeve of Yoona’s red outfit. This photo of the two seems to have been taken when they attended the 2021 MBC Gayo Daejejeon (MBC Music Festival) held at MBC Open Hall in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul.

Photo = Lee Joon-ho's Instagram.
Photo = Lee Joon-ho’s Instagram.

However, shortly after the photo was posted, Lee Jun-ho changed the hashtag to “#MBCMusicFestival.” He seems to be conscious of the fact that there are a number of comments criticizing the hashtag.

Earlier, in Lee Jun-ho‘s photo, there were a series of comments saying, “Why are you holding the sleeves of other women’s clothes, not Deok-im’s (Lee Se-young)?” and “It ruins our immersion in the drama.” There are also viewers who unfollowed him, saying, “Please be faithful to the viewers and Lee Se-young.”

netizens comments

In the comment section, there was a heated debate over the photo. While there are criticisms that the photo was not posted at the right time, some fans protested, saying that viewers who are overly immersed in the drama were more problematic.

Meanwhile, “The Red Sleeve,” starring Lee Jun-ho and Lee Se-young, will end on the night of January 1st. The 16th and 17th episode (the final episode) will be broadcast in a row.

The Red Sleeve” features the sorrowful romance of the king, who prioritized his country over his love with the court lady, and Lady Deok-im, who wanted to protect the life she chose.


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