The recent situation of Song Ji-hyo’s hairstyle surprised all Internet users

Actress Song Ji-hyo reveals how her hair looks these days.

On February 27th, an article titled, “Song Ji-hyo’s hair these days.jpg”, was posted on the online community “MLBPARK”.

The article included photos of Song Ji-hyo having fun outdoors while wearing a beige coat and an ivory zip-up knit sweater.

What attracts attention is Song Ji-hyo’s hair that has grown so much longer.

Song Ji-hyo recently challenged a super short-cut hairstyle, creating a new image that is different from when she was having long wavy hair.

However, since controversies over her hairstyles, her outfits at award ceremonies and stylist’s skills broke out continuously, Song Ji-hyo’s fandom insisted, “Please style Song Ji-hyo more beautifully”.

Saying that Song Ji-hyo’s hair has become more natural, netizens also commented, “Her hair has grown longer”, “I like your hair now”, “Your face is already enough to make it look beautiful”, etc.

Meanwhile, Song Ji-hyo drew attention as she was the only one who was not infected with Covid-19 even though all the cast members of SBS’s “Running Man” were confirmed “positive” to the infectious disease. 

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