Bobby’s new album (iKON) causes controversies on social networks

Although only a few days back, the album of the YG male rapper has caused a stir among the online community in a unique way.

Bobby (iKON) officially returned to the music industry on January 25 with his 2nd studio album titled Lucky Man and the title track U MAD.  This music product marks the return of the YG rapper after nearly 4 years.  With 17 songs in the album, he brought a colorful music space to the audience.

But it seems that what many netizens are interested in is … his album when recently, the online community was amazed by what Bobby brought to the audience after 4 years.  It is known that all the images in the physical album were designed by the YG rapper, but maybe fans will take a while to adapt to these works!

In addition to the studio photos like other regular albums, Lucky Man’s physical disc version also includes Bobby’s unique drawing pages.  Even the large-format poster in the album is hand-drawn with a somewhat strange shape. These works may be an “implicit cue” that only fans and Bobby can understand, but for Kpop fans in general, this must be a confusing “code”.

Knet also commented on this physical album of YG male rapper, most of them think that this design will make many fans be confused:

– Bobby must have been praised by a member of the group so he drew them in the album.

 – No wonder the title song is U MAD.  

 – Bobby always has a way to shock others.

– He dreamed of becoming an artist, but his life made him a rapper.

 – My mom will definitely throw this album away because she thinks it’s trash

 – Buying this album is a waste of money. Fans want the photobook to see the idol’s images and display them.  But these drawings are really not fun

But for a large number of Bobby’s fans, it doesn’t matter.  Most people think that as long as Bobby can do what he likes,  fans will always support his products:

– They say buying this album is a waste of money because it’s not their idol.  Now that it is their idol’s album, they will think it so cute.

 – Guys, do not be grumpy, this album is really worth the money. 

 – Money is spent by fans, fans know how to respect themselves.  Why so many impolite people

– I find this album cute and unique and also creates a feeling of closeness to fans.  An idol’s good looks are easy to find, but there are very few hand-made idol designs or products

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