Sincere feelings of YG’s BABYMONSTER were unveiled in newly released teaser 

YG’s new girl group BABYMONSTER has touched the hearts of global music fans with their sincere confessions about their dreams.

On March 28th, a video titled “BABYMONSTER – ‘Last Evaluation’ TEASER #2” was published on the group’s official YouTube channel. The video reveals the stories that BABYMONSTER, who has been tirelessly preparing for their final debut, has kept close to their hearts.

baby monster

BABYMONSTER has been dedicated solely to practice despite being in an unfamiliar environment. Throughout the process, they experienced moments of frustration due to sharp criticism and intense training from their trainers, but they supported each other and grew together.

The prospective members of BABYMONSTER expressed their determination and commitment, saying, “My life depends on this evaluation” (Haram), “I wanted to present my confidence” (Ruka), “All I could think of was giving it my all” (Rora), “All I thought of was presenting what I’ve been preparing so far” (Ahyeon), “It’s my dream to have my debut at YG” (Chiquita), “I’ve come all the way from Thailand” (Pharita), and “Through this opportunity, I will make my dreams come true” (Asa). 

It’s not just the trainees who are rooting for the fruits of BABYMONSTER’s efforts. YG’s senior artists and all staff, who have been watching them closely, have also been sending their support with one heart and one mind. In particular, YGX dance trainer LEEJUNG said, “I just wanted to tell you how thankful I am”, while tearing up, creating a touching moment 

baby monster

Towards the end of the video, a glimpse of the final evaluation was unveiled. In response to the words of general producer Yang Hyun Suk, who hinted at the final hurdle, BABYMONSTER Haram said, “To be honest, it was a difficult process reaching the point where I am right now” and shed tears, raising curiosity about the upcoming main episode.

Meanwhile, BABYMONSTER is a new girl group under YG Entertainment, which will be launched approximately 7 years after BLACKPINK’s debut. The prospective members include 3 from Korea (Ahyeon, Haram, Rora), 2 from Thailand (Pharita, Chiquita), and 2 from Japan (Ruka, Asa), who are mostly teenagers. 

At the same time, they are receiving high expectations from the global music market as “all-rounders” with a balance of vocals, dance, rap, and visuals. The group’s debut reality show “Last Evaluation”, which aims to select the final members, will be released every Friday at midnight (KST).

Source: Daum

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