A 7-second video of BTS’ Jimin is making foreign nonfans go crazy for him

A post on Pann is gathering attention for pointing out how a seven-second video of BTS’ Jimin is going viral among foreign non-KPOP fans.

The seven-second video of BTS’ Jimin that is popular among foreign muggles 

(*Muggle is a term for non-fans in Korea)

A 7-second video of BTS' Jimin is making foreign nonfans go crazy for him

At first, a fan uploaded a seven-second video clip of Jimin just standing in a black T-shirt.

Even people who do not know anything about Kpop retweet the L.A Local tweets.
He is the most beautiful man I have ever seen.
I only know the name Jimin, but Jimin will be my bias from now on
He made me become a hetero.
I’m not a homo.
You can get stuck in my face.
I won’t marry a man like that.
Suddenly, I fell in love with K-pop

There are various inferences such as the lost son of Beyoncé, Romeo Montague, an angel and so on.
There are also tips on improving your skin when you listen to Serendipity.

U.S.A. ARMYs also tweet that Jimin is being possessed by local non-fans.

“I fell in love with him in seven seconds. What’s his name?”

“Is he real?”

“How do you like your eggs in the morning?”

Because of non-fans asking, other ARMYs are starting to promote BTS.

On the first day of the concert (no exposure and no V-app), it has more than one million tweets, ranking first in LA and No. 1 in Australia. On the second day, he was ranked third in LA. 

This is the wild Jimin 7-second video tweet! (currently over 2 million views).

GIFs from the 7-second video

A 7-second video of BTS' Jimin is making foreign nonfans go crazy for him

Foreign Muggles who don’t know K-pop at all are showing favor to Jimin.
I’m so happy to let you know more about BTS as an ARMY!

Source: Pann

[+795,-5] I heard that the local people were distracted by a seven-second video of a fan. He has the innate charm that can attract people.
[+779,-3] “who is he?” Take a look at twitter and you can see his video spread out. It is awesome that even the local people asked about him.

[+773,-5] He is so handsome that I once thought he is an Aurora man
[+339,-1] Jimin is reintroduced in that video!! so handsome
[+276,-0] Jimin has been talked about a lot this time. If you see him on stage, you can not deny his beauty

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