The reasons why BLACKPINK always dressed in pretty outfits, while BTS’s stylist often criticized by fans

The difference between the stylists of BLACKPINK and BTS explain why fans have opposite reactions to their idols’ outfits. 

Kpop idols’ outfits in their performances are always something fans are interested in. If BLACKPINK is famous for their unique and stunning outfits, BTS’s stylist is often criticized by the group’s fans for not doing her job well. 

Recently, both the stylists of BTS and BLACKPINK had an interview with W Korea. Based on their different answers, Korean netizens realize the reason why BTS and BLACKPINK’s outfits have such a difference!

BLACKPINK is famous for their eye-catching and one-of-a-kind outfits
BLACKPINK is famous for their eye-catching and one-of-a-kind outfits 

Park Min Hee, BLACKPINK’s stylist shared, “Fashion is not about wearing beautiful clothes, but also being unique.” Park is known for having a talent for customizing outfits. She always gets creative and is willing to alter items from luxury brands to come up with something new and exciting for BLACKPINK members to wear. She makes sure their outfits are absolutely unique. 

 “I learned that from stylist Choi Kyung Won. I’ve done a lot of bold looks before, so now I can unleash my creativity. Sometimes I stay up all night trying to sew cubics on a belt or making fabric shoes,” said Park Min Hee.

Park Min Hee

According to Park, a basic outfit is a boring one! Mixing and matching, adding unique details to the members’ outfits help them stand out. 

BLACKPINK's outfits always look creative and highlight each member's physique
BLACKPINK’s outfits always look creative and highlight each member’s physique

In addition to aesthetics and creativity, Park Min Hee explained her other major priority when choosing and designing clothes is the members’ comfort. “I try to make sure they don’t feel uncomfortable in any outfit. If the performer doesn’t feel completely comfortable wearing something, then they can’t give the best performance.

If I’m working with a cute skirt but that is not suitable for their choreography, I’ll think of changing it to pants. Or if I’m fixing a dress that doesn’t fit, I’ll try to crop it and turn it into a top” added Park Min Hee.

While BLACKPINK’s stylist Park Min Hee was praised for her creative thinking, meticulousness, and hard work, BTS’ stylist Lee Ha Jeong let fans down. It is worth noting that Lee stated that she has been working with BTS since the group’s debut, but fans believe that this stylist does not understand the bodies of each BTS member and the images that best suits them.

BTS's outfits in recent years have been considered uncreative, and do not fit each member's body
BTS’s outfits in recent years have been considered uncreative, and do not fit each member’s body

When asked about her favorite way to mix clothes, stylist Lee replied, “I prefer to mix and match different styles.” She also stated that Harry Styles has influenced her greatly as he has a free spirit and lovely style.

Since the group has lots of activities, they need a huge amount of clothes for every schedule. If there is a brand that goes well with the stage concept, I discuss that with the company’s visual team to style the members in various ways.” – Lee shared.

Regarding the intent to satisfy the feedback from fans, Lee said, “Every stage has a clear concept, so it’s not easy to satisfy all the opinions. This is because I discuss the music, stage production, stage set, and performance in different ways with many people. However, I do try to reflect on fans’ opinions as much as possible.

BTS fans reacted negatively to Stylist Lee's answers.
BTS fans reacted negatively to Stylist Lee’s answers. 

ARMYs believe that the basic standard for an outfit is that it fits the body, but stylist Lee never mentioned fixing the outfit or mixing clothes to match each member’s image. Stylist Lee was also chastised for “copying Harry Styles” and “trying on different styles but still failing to meet the fans’ expectations.

The more beautiful BTS’ outfits were in 2017,...
The more beautiful BTS’ outfits were in 2017, …the more terrible their outfits are in recent times.

Some comments:

Reading their answers helps me understand why BLACKPINK is well-dressed, while BTS always has to put on original clothes from the brands without having them adjusted to fit each member. 

BLACKPINK’s stylist is really dedicated. She always looks for new ideas. That’s why BLACKPINK is famous for their outfits.

While Park pays attention to every detail, Lee is negligent. She keeps making BTS members wear clothes that don’t fit them properly

BLACKPINK has such a devoted stylist. Their success and charisma is largely due to their fashion that is not seen on any other artists. 

BTS fans have had enough of the stylists. They brought in the most money for the company, why are they being treated like this?

BTS’s outfits were nice during DNA and MIC Drop, but it only got worse in later eras.

Many outfits of BTS are called "disasters" because of their flashy colors and cheesy fabric
Many outfits of BTS are called “disasters” because of their flashy colors and cheesy fabric

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