Fans exploded in anger because JYP arranged TWICE’s schedule without discussing it with the members

Fans think that JYP has absolutely no respect for TWICE even though the girls bring massive revenue to the company.

On October 1, TWICE officially released the English single “The Feels.”  By the evening of the same day, the group continued to immediately have new content for fans with a reaction video for the MV.  The remarkable highlight in this video is the members’ stunned reactions when they saw the “twist” at the end of the MV.

Specifically, in the last seconds of the MV, a poster suddenly appeared, revealing TWICE’s busy year-end schedule.  In October, the group will have a week to celebrate their 6th debut anniversary.  November will be the second comeback of the year with a full album, and also hold another tour. 

twice schedule

Most importantly, the TWICE members were taken aback by this poster. The girls were stunned, astounded, and couldn’t believe what they were seeing. The girls examined the poster several times because they thought they were looking at it incorrectly. Despite their bright smiles, it appeared that all of the members were shocked.

It is also possible that the TWICE members knew about this schedule in advance but they were shocked when JYP teased it in the MV. But anyway, fans are angry because TWICE’s work schedule is so tight.  The girls continuously released Korean, Japanese, and English products in just 1 quarter and continued to make a comeback with a tour in the last quarter of this year.

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