The viewers pointed out “love lines” as the reason for the decrease in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” rating

In the new episode of ENA’s “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, which aired on August 10th, Tactician Kwon Min-woo (Joo Jong-hyuk) and Spring Sunshine Choi Soo-yeon (Ha Yoon-kyung) drew laughter from the viewers with their unexpected love line. It was also revealed that the reason why Kwon Min-woo has been struggling to become a full-time law firm attorney and trying to bring down Woo Young-woo (Park Eun-bin) was because of his father’s health condition.

In the teaser for episode 14 released at the end of episode 13, Woo Young-woo told Lee Joon-ho (Kang Tae-oh) that she would not date him, while Kwon Min-woo and Choi Soo-yeon seemed to be confirming each other’s hearts. This development confused and puzzled some viewers.

The teaser video drew keen attention as a trending video right after it was uploaded on Naver TV after the official broadcast. The comments that gained the most reactions said, “Please don’t make Tactician Kwon Min-woo and Spring Sunshine Choi Soo-yeon a couple”, “Even if Woo Young-woo and Lee Joon-ho break up, why are they trying to replace them with Choi Soo-yeon and Kwon Min-woo?”, “If they want to make Kwon Min-woo and Choi Soo-yeon a couple, they shouldn’t have portrayed Kwon Min-woo as a character that is hated so much”, etc.

In other online communities, netizens actually found the reason why the rating of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” has been declining little by little after hitting the peak of 18% in the 9th episode. Internet users commented, “The emotion in the first half of the drama has been overshadowed by the love line”, “The drama has gotten boring after the love line appeared. I’m even annoyed that they’re trying to tie Tactician Kwon Min-woo and Soo-yeon together”, “The development is getting worse”, “Love line out of a sudden?”, “I already drop the drama”, “Don’t tie Soo-yeon with Tactician Kwon Min-woo”, “Why are they suddenly making Kwon Min-woo and Choi Soo-yeon a couple?”, “I understand other details but I can’t get the love line between Kwon Min-woo and Choi Soo-yeon”, etc.

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” recorded a viewer rating of 13.5% for the broadcast on August 10th, a slight decrease from the rating of the previous episode. However, it still ranked 1st place among Wednesday-Thursday TV series. 

Source: wikitree

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