The reason why “Reborn Rich” becomes lame whenever the female prosecutor appears

Netizens believe the lead female role is ruined because it is a byproduct of the writer’s greed.

There is only one element that does not fit in the JTBC drama “Reborn Rich”, which is flying high in ratings. It is the love line between prosecutor Seo Min Young (Shin Hyun Been) and Jin Do Joon (Song Joong Ki), which doesn’t exist in the original. The narratives of Jin Do Joon and Seo Min Young is based on a pretty solid common ground. However, it is questionable whether this romance development is necessary in this drama. It is hard to enjoy the love story amid the revenge drama with Jin Do Joon’s almost expressionless face. Furthermore, viewers even said that whenever Seo Min Young appears, “Reborn Rich” gets lame.

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An article analyzing the reasons was posted on the online community FM Korea, making headlines.

Writer A first pointed out the awkward character details of Seo Min Young in the drama.

shin hyun been reborn rich
  • Prosecutor Seo Min Young is in charge of all cases related to the main character, Jin Do Joon.
  • She said she was in charge of tax-related cases because she was a prosecutor at the Financial Tax Investigation Department, but she is also investigating the murder teacher case alone.
  • (Looking at the preview for the next episode,) the bribery related to the presidential election is also investigated by Seo Min Young.
  • Despite being in a dating relationship, prosecutor Seo Min Young immediately reports all the information she learns from her investigation progress to Jin Do Joon.
  • Seo Min Young comes running and runs errands when asked by Jin Do Joon. To inform Jin Do Joon about the investigation, she even went to Jin Do Joon’s house at dawn and sleep in the car until he woke up.
  • In the 14th episode, it’s cringy enough whenever they looked at each other, but all of a sudden, Jin Do Joon is trying to give a ring to Seo Min Young. The flow of the main characters’ love line should be natural for viewers to take in and watch, but I don’t understand their relationship throughout the 14th episode.
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A claimed the reason why “Reborn Rich” becomes boring (?) whenever Seo Min Young comes out is that this character is a by-product of the writers’ greed.

The writers wanted to create a three-dimensional female character that was unique to the drama only and was not in the original. And what they came up with after putting in everything they could think of, was a bizarre character named Seo Min Young.

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A said it would have been fine if about one or two settings are mixed appropriately, but everything is bound to collide with each other because the writers just put it whatever they can think of. According to A. Seo Min Young is a character that is not necessary for the story development, and the drama has become boring because she is forced to be included. Critics say it is not a matter of acting skill, but of the writers’ incompetence.

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