The reason Turkish viewers got angry after watching drama “Reborn Rich”

Viewers in Turkey voiced their displeasure over the content of JTBC’s drama “Reborn Rich”.

Turkey and Korea have maintained a strong relationship for a long time, and many Turkish celebrities have also expressed their love for Korea. However, some Turkish netizens recently expressed their displeasure with some scenes in JTBC’s drama “Reborn Rich”.

In the first episode of “Reborn Rich”, which aired on November 18th, Yoon Hyun Woo (Song Joong Ki) goes to Turkey to withdraw Sunyang Group’s illegal slush fund. 

song joong ki reborn rich

While taking a taxi after completing his mission safely, Yoon Hyun Woo senses something suspicious on the way. It is because the taxi driver suddenly goes into a narrow alley.

song joong ki reborn rich

The taxi driver said, “Don’t worry. This is the shortcut that only taxi drivers know”. However, they ended up facing a dangerous gang in the alley. After being chased by the gang with guns, Yoon Hyun Woo eventually died in Turkey.

song joong ki reborn rich

Turkish citizen A watched a Youtube video containing that scene and left a long comment. They said, “As a Turk, I’m really sorry. It’s a shame that you show our country in this way”. A continued, “You should have understood that you do not have the right to portray us as an underdeveloped country”, criticizing the production team of “Reborn Rich”.

turkey reborn rich

Another viewer B, who introduced themselves as “a Turkish citizen who liked and watched many Korean dramas”, also expressed great disappointment in the scene.

reborn rich turkey fan

They also mentioned the appearance of a large Turkish flag in the drama, pointing out that the flag was focused on when there was any unpleasant content about their country.

In response to this, Korean netizens commented, “I understand the feelings of Turkish people”, “I wish these scenes were set in a virtual country, not a real one”, etc.

korean turkey

Previously, Netflix’s “Narco-Saints” could not avoid criticism as it was also produced against the backdrop of an actual country. Albert R. Ramdin, Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Business and International Cooperation (BIBIS) of Suriname, mentioned Netflix series “Narco-Saints” on the government website, saying “We will consider taking legal action against the production company”. He claimed the content of “Narco-Saints” described Suriname as a “drug country” while telling the story about a drug criminal. 

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