The Reason Behind Lee Seung Gi’s U.S. Concert Cancellation: Poor Ticket Sales or Venue Issues? 

Lee Seung Gi’s U.S. concerts were canceled due to low ticket sales? 

Lee Seung Gi finished his concerts in Los Angeles on August 26th and in Atlanta on August 30th. However, the New York-New Jersey concerts scheduled for 2 days were canceled.

There were suspicions that this cancellation was due to low ticket sales. In response, Lee Seung Gi’s agency, Human Made, countered, “It was canceled due to issues with the local concert venue.”

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In response to Lee Seung Gi’s claim, the New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) stated, “We cannot accept the announcement that Lee Seung Gi’s concert cancellation is due to a venue problem. They are using us as a scapegoat and tarnishing the reputation of NJPAC, a famous concert venue in New Jersey.” 

In addition, some of the messenger conversations between the local concert planning company, Hugh Ent, and Lee Seung Gi’s agency, Human Made, have also been made public.

According to the released messages, Jang, the CEO of Human Made, asked Hugh Ent, “How about we do not mention the ticket sales in the cancellation reason for the New Jersey concert? If the venue side hasn’t announced the cancellation reason yet, it shouldn’t reveal that ticket sales are low.”

Hugh Ent responded, “If you want, we can remove (the content about low ticket sales), but emphasizing geographical issues weakens the justification for the cancellation. If New York fans react negatively, there isn’t enough justification to satisfy them.”

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Nevertheless, Jang, the CEO, insisted that on August 3rd, the New York-New Jersey concert was canceled due to issues with the local concert venue.

According to Hugh Ent, at the time of this conversation, ticket sales for the New York-New Jersey concerts were at the level of 250 tickets, far from the break-even point of 1,704 tickets.

It was also revealed that Human Made had considered canceling the Atlanta concert, not just the New York-New Jersey concerts. At the time of the decision to cancel the New York-New Jersey concerts, ticket sales for the Atlanta concert were also at the level of 305 tickets, only a quarter of the break-even point of 1,210 tickets.

Despite this, Hugh Ent decided to keep the Atlanta concert for Lee Seung Gi’s sake, but they incurred around $110,000 in losses due to the cancellation of this event. Lee Seung Gi’s side has not made any statement regarding this matter.

Source: wikitree 

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