The planner of LGBTQ dating reality shows to be broadcast this July reveals their project intention

LGBTQ dating reality programs will be released next month. Since this is a material that has never been introduced in Korea before, the planners are having both anticipations and concerns.

According to the Korean OTT platform Wavve, entertainment programs “Merry Queer” and “His Love” will be introduced to the viewers for the first time in July.  

LGBTQ dating reality shows

“Merry Queer” is Korea’s first romance entertainment program that depicts the challenges that LGBTQ couples face in love and marriage. “His Love” is a dating reality show in which men who are attracted to people of the same sex move into “Men’s House” and stay together to confirm each other’s true feelings. 

This is the first time that LGBTQ love emerges as a subject for entertainment. In the past, there were cases in which people appeared on certain entertainment programs and confessed their LGBTQ identities but their love life has never been portrayed and solved in observational reality programs. 

Marry Queer

Wavve decided to release “Queer-friendly (the attitude of accepting and embracing LGBTQ)” content according to the trend of the broadcasting industry that accepts queers as a culture. They said, “This content will not only be fresh and surprising but also become a social topic that people will seriously consider and sympathize with.

Marry Queer

An official from Wavve who participated in the planning of the two programs explained their project intention through an interview, saying “Considering that it might be necessary to reveal the lives of LGBTQs since the audience might need to know more about their real concerns and public discussions about their environment, we decided to make plans for these programs.”

Marry Queer

They confessed, “We tried to show the cast members as they were in the process of looking for love without adding stimulating devices and directions. It would be a perfect achievement for us as planners if the audience could understand and sympathize with the lives of the cast members.”

merry queer

Lastly, they added, “Although the society has been easier on LGBTQ people, they still receive many uncomfortable gazes. The cast members themselves had no choice but to be cautious and struggled a lot before making the decision to appear in the programs”, asking for the viewers’ warm look on the LGBTQs. 

Source: wikitree

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