“Why should he be criticized”…Park Bo Gum drawn in controversy over malicious DMs towards Park So Dam

While actress Park So Dam drew attention by stuffing malicious DMs from a malicious commenter, Park Bo Gum’s fans are expressing their upset.

On Jan 22nd, Park So Dam captured and revealed malicious DMs she received from a malicious commenter who said they are a fan of an actor from about 2 years ago.

Park so dam

Park So Dam uploaded the photo with the actor’s name covered, but netizens guessed it was Park Bo Gum for reasons such as the time she received DMs and the content of the messages.

Park So Dam posted the photo without revealing the actor’s real name out of consideration for the actor. You can get a glimpse of her miserable mind at the time when she received malicious messages that belittled her appearance and humiliated her, such as “Ugly girl“, “Does it feel good because XXX is the male lead?“, “You must feel guilty that you get the female lead role with that face“…


However, the secondary victimization situation that leads to criticism towards the actor and his fandom is causing bitterness.

Source: Nate

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