The person wearing a ‘lamb’s head towel’ at the sauna is this famous female idol

A famous girl group member took a break from her schedules and went to a jjimjilbang.

(G)I-DLE’s Soyeon posted new pictures of her on Instagram on January 31st with a sheep emoji in her caption. In the photos, Soyeon is sitting on a chair at a jjimjilbang (Korean sauna) and relaxing comfortably.


She was posing cutely in a purple jjimjilbang outfit and a towel made in the shape of a lamb’s head on her head, the signature Korean jjimjilbang style. She was also wearing a variety of bracelets on her forearms, showing off her own styles 

Soyeon was wearing a mask, so only her eyes could be seen, but her trademark playful yet sleek eyes caught netizens’ attention.


Netizens left comments, “You look really cute with the lamb’s head towel” and “I thought Soyeon was all about being cool and charismatic, but she is so lovely and cute too”.

Jeon Soyeon, who turns 26 years old this year, plays an active role in (G)I-DLE as leader, main rapper, and producer. (G)I-DLE recently held a fan meeting at the SK Olympic Handball Stadium in Olympic Park, Songpa-gu, Seoul.

Source: Insight. 

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