BLACKPINK’s parts were mostly ‘taken out’ in the latest remix version of Lady Gaga’s ‘Sour Candy’

Many fans of BLACKPINK are really disappointed when hearing this new version of ‘Sour Candy’.

Lady Gaga released her ‘Dawn of Chromatica: The Remix Album’ internationally on September 3. The CD includes remixes of all of Lady Gaga’s songs from her sixth album, ‘Chromatica,’ with the goal of introducing rising, fresh musicians to the public.

“Sour Candy,” featuring BLACKPINK, is one of the tracks from Lady Gaga’s “Chromatica” album that K-Pop fans adore. “Sour Candy” was remixed by Shygirl and Mura Masa for the album “Dawn of Chromatica.”

However, many BLACKPINK fans were upset after hearing the remix version because the song mostly “carved out” BLACKPINK’s parts. In fact, some fans expressed their desire to hear a lengthier version of the song with additional BLACKPINK members.

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