BLACKPINK’s Old Photos Resurface: Who Has the Most Dramatic Then vs. Now Transformation? 

Several pre-debut photos of BLACKPINK members attract attention again. 

A series of old photos from BLACKPINK‘s pre-debut days have recently resurfaced and drawn attention. The fascination with digging up celebrities’ past pictures is always something netizens enjoy. This time, BLACKPINK became the subject of scrutiny as online forums circulated a collection of pre-debut photos of all four members. 

Blackpink predebut

While Jennie, Jisoo, and Lisa seem to have undergone minimal changes, the transformation of Rosé’s appearance has sparked speculation of possible plastic surgery. 

Blackpink jennie rose predebut

Some past photos are from the time BLACKPINK had a photoshoot at the beach. They were dressed quite simply, with the classic mix of a crop top and shorts, showing off their slim legs. Even before their debut, BLACKPINK boasted impressive figures and visuals.

Compared to the current visuals of the group, Jennie, Jisoo, and Lisa are said to have not changed much. The one with the biggest “glow up” seems to be Rosé, with noticeable differences in her past and present appearance.

blackpink jisoo predebut

Even before her debut, Jennie received many compliments for her cute face. With a natural makeup style, she hasn’t changed much over time, maintaining her adorable features and “dumpling” cheeks.

Almost every Jisoo’s facial features remain unchanged over the years. Thanks to weight loss, her face has become slimmer and more graceful. 

blackpink jennie predebut
Blackpink rose predebut

Before her debut, Lisa was more known for her tomboy image. The size of Lisa’s face and facial features have become more refined over time. 

The most successful “glow up” is undoubtedly Rosé. Besides changes in her makeup style, Rosé’s beauty transformation mostly comes from her facial features. She underwent a significant visual transformation to the point where there have been numerous suspicions of plastic surgery, specifically nose and eye enhancements.

Source: K14. 

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