IU shows her simple and friendly appearance in daily outfits, “My shirt lost a few buttons but I just wear it for no reason”

Singer IU released a new Vlog in celebration of her birthday.

On June 8th, IU’s Youtube channel “IU Official” uploaded a video titled “[IU TV] Happy IU day♥ Perfect Day Vlog”.

In the video, IU said, “So I’m filming my Vlog now. So today, I’m going to attend GUCCI fashion show. Before I go to the fashion show, I should do a photoshoot. That’s why I’m in a fancy hotel and receiving makeup now. Today is my birthday. It is great to work on a birthday”, adding “The temperature is 31 degrees. The weather is celebrating my birthday”.

Recalling when she attended an event in Italy, IU said, “I wore pink two-piece sets and a huge butterfly choker. I also met the president of Gucci for the first time”. She started a roleplay, saying “Is he coming today, though? Why don’t we contact him?”, drawing laughter.

IU revealed that she always wakes up early when having overseas schedules to try the local breakfast menu. She shared, “I think my fans who are watching my videos would be more interested in what I eat for breakfast in my bare face than in me doing my work”, adding “So if there’s nothing else, I always take a video of me eating breakfast”, expressing her excitement about having a world tour.

Pointing at her shirt, IU explained her OOTD, saying, “I love this shirt and it even lost a few buttons. There are only three buttons. I just wear it for no reason. Well, I have the same shirt in red that I wore for my encore performance. But I wear this for the big day. The red shirt is also missing some buttons at the same areas. I usually wear comfy pants, but it was my birthday the day before, so I’m wearing my favorite jeans”.

IU opened a birthday cafe event just for UAENA (IU’s fandom). She confessed, “For those who have the 6th UAENA official card, we provide free beverages. I prepared it in several places, 3 spots in Seoul  3 spots in Busan, 1 spot in Gwangju, and 1 spot in Dongtan”, adding “I was planning to open them in every region where I held my concert in Korea, but it turned out that a few places were unable to do so. I focused on the regions where I could open them. I prepared photocards and letters”.

She continued, “About the letters, Hanteo suddenly suggested it. It was his idea. But I had to start writing the letters early in the morning in order to deliver them all on time”, revealing a behind-the-scenes story.

When IU was unboxing Gucci invitation, the styling, hair, and makeup teams appeared with a surprise birthday party. Receiving enthusiastic congratulations, IU said, “Thank you everyone”. Later, IU changed into the main outfit for the fashion show, giving off a refreshing spring vibe.

Source: Nate

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