Every fan expects their idols to be famous worldwide, but only these 5 artists are acknowledged by netizens

Being a celebrity itself is not an easy thing, but these idols are so talented that they are even called “global stars” by fans!

These artists are not only famous in Korea, but also well-known around the world. Let’s see why they’re called “global stars”:

Jin (BTS) – Worldwide Handsome

Although the name “Worldwide handsome” is Jin created himself, but later plastic surgeons have confirmed that Jin own a face with gold ratios, the standard of beauty that can be applied everywhere. From there, the phrase “worldwide handsome” became Jin’s trademark.

In fact the story of the nickname “Worldwide handsome” was also very interesting. In an interview, when RM said that he would watch FRIENDS series to learn English, Jin said that he liked to watch this movie, but the only English phrase he learned from it was just “worldwide handsome”.

The plastic surgeons had analyzed and concluded that Jin's face has the golden ratio.

Nana (AFTER SCHOOL) – World’s Beautiful Face

Nana was the only female idol to win the top spot in the world’s most beautiful faces poll in 2014 and 2015. Many people commented that Nana owns Asian features, but still looks powerful. Not only does Nana own a beautiful face, her body is also perfect with long legs and great proportions that make people jealous.

Nana’s beautiful face that everyone is envious of.

BTS – Global Idol

The number of BTS fans now extends throughout the world. BTS is currently the most widely known Kpop idol group on a global scale. In 2017, BTS was recognized worldwide when they beat Justin Bieber, and won the Billboard’s Top Social Artist. Besides, BTS is also the most influential artist in Asia, and many other countries in the world.

These boys now have a wide influence in the world!

PSY – Global artist

Gangnam Style put PSY on the global scale when he got the opportunities to perform at major venues in New York, Paris or even being invited by President Obama to perform at the White House in 2012. Thanks to the hit, PSY’s reputation has spread around the world, and even able to approach Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj’s status.

SNSD – Global Girl Group

SNSD is a legendary girl group, and their popularity is not just limited to Asia. In a statistic, SNSD was recognized in over 76 countries. Their hit single Mr.Mr was voted as one of the best songs in the world in 2014.

No matter how many girl groups debut, we can be sure that no one can beat what SNSD did before.

Once again congratulations these artists who have been honored above on their accomplishment! We hope that in the future, these idols will be more successful and gain greater achievements.

Sources: Yan

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