Son Dam Bi talks about her changes after first wedding anniversary and comeback plans

Singer-actress Son Dam Bi expressed satisfaction with her married life with speed skating coach Lee Kyu Hyuk.

On June 8th, Son Dam Bi’s Youtube channel “DambiXon” uploaded a new video titled “Let Dambi tell you what she does at night~ Dambi’s Vlog with karaoke in her room”.

The video shows Son Dam Bi drinking alone and talking. She said, “My husband went to a golf gathering today and came home after drinking a lot, so he’s sleeping right now. My husband recently becomes my drinking buddy, but when we can’t drink together, I drink alone like this.”

She continued, “I’m going on a trip to Bali soon, and it will be the first time I’m leaving apart from my husband for a while. I’ll go for about two weeks. My husband has a lot of work to do so he can’t join me. I need to go on a diet before going to Bali, but it’s not easy at all”, revealing her whereabouts.

Regarding her break from work, Son Dam Bi smiled and said, “I’m trying to set my own routine”, adding “My husband always reminds me that I should exercise a lot if I want to clear my mind. I’ve learned a lot from him, that taking care of my mental health is very essential. I’m making the most of my break. I’ve been actively practicing golf, fitness, Pilates, taking English lessons, going to good restaurants with my husband, having lots of conversations, and drinking a lot”.

She continued, “I’m also taking good care of myself. I started golfing because my husband plays it. I find golf so interesting these days, but it costs a lot and I would easily get exposed to UV rays. My back hurts so I’m taking medicine”.

Son Dam Bi also expressed her feelings about their first wedding anniversary celebration. The actress said, “It’s been more than a year since we got married, and if we count the time we’ve spent together, it’s been a year and a half. Happiness isn’t far away when I’m with my husband. I really want to grow old with him and as a better person.”

She added, “I used to be someone who only cared about myself, but as I started loving someone, I began to hope that this person would shine even brighter because of me. I’m very surprised and happy to see how much I’ve changed. We’re enjoying our married life and cherishing each other. In celebration of our first anniversary, we set the goal to love each other more and work harder in our respective position.”

Raising fans’ expectations for her comeback, Son Dam Bi said, “I’ve been posting only golf photos lately, and fans have been asking when I’ll return to work. I’ll be back soon if there’s any good project that suits me”.

Meanwhile, Son Dam Bi and Lee Kyu Hyuk tied the knot in May last year.

Source: Nate

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