From BLACKPINK to NewJeans… Controversies over music videos of famous songs

◆ “It’s time to go (to the mental hospital)?” – Controversy over New Jeans’s “OMG” music video promoting mental illness prejudice 

A heated debate was raised online as soon as the new music video “OMG” by NewJeans was released on January 2nd. In the MV, NewJeans members play patients hospitalized in a psychiatric ward due to delusions. The problem actually occurred at the end of the video. When a woman writes the malicious comment, “Am I the only one who feels uncomfortable with the MV? Only idols’ faces and choreography are enough for a music video”, Minji, who mistakes herself for a psychiatrist, says, “It’s time to go”.

newjeans omg

While several netizens think the scene is “a cool slap on the face of malicious commenters”, many others expressed displeasure. Some pointed out that the attitude and the way the MV describes mental illness in the music video were inappropriate. They raised concerns that comparing malicious commenters to mentally ill patients could encourage prejudice against those who are actually suffering from mental illness.

newjeans omg

Regarding this controversy, pop music critic Kim Do Heon said, “The last scene in ‘OMG’ MV was a terrible choice. Referring to all the comments on that platform as mental illness gives viewers an unpleasant experience.” Despite the controversy, NewJeans and the group’s agency seem to let the public interpret the music video the way they want.

◆ Jennie in nurse’s uniform – Controversy over sexual objectification over BLACKPINK’s “Lovesick Girls”

BLACKPINK also faced backlash after releasing “Lovesick Girls” MV in 2020. In the music video, Jennie was seen wearing a nurse’s uniform and treating a patient. Jennie’s nurse outfit includes a tight top, a short skirt, and red high heels. 

jennie lovesick girl

As soon as the MV was released, criticism against the outfit poured out online, sparking controversy over sexual objectification. Nurses’ organizations also protested, saying “It promotes a distorted view for nurses”.

Although YG Entertainment explained that the nurse’s uniform was not related to the expression of music, criticism continued to intensify. In the end, YG deleted the controversial scene and apologized.

blackpink lovesivk girls

It is risky that music videos, which should help express the music, sometimes cause problems for the singers. With the growth and expansion of K-pop, producers and agencies should pay attention in order not to cause damage to singers with unexpected controversies that might arise from creative music videos. 

Source: imbc

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