The most unlucky series: the three male leads of Welcome to Waikiki all got involved in serious scandals

Since its premiere on JTBC in 2018, the comedy sitcom Welcome to Waikiki has wowed audiences with its youthful and interesting theme.

After 3 years, this sitcom still leaves an impression in the public’s mind, but it is not a very good one. The three male leads who appeared in the two seasons of this series were all involved in serious scandals.

Kim Jung Hyun 

Kim Jung Hyun plays Kang Dong Gu, a man who desires to be a film director, as part of season 1’s male lead trio. Although the character of this character is a bit short-tempered, he is a person full of emotions and always knows how to care for others. Kim Jung Hyun’s role in Welcome to Waikiki has helped him make a strong impression on the public.

Welcome to Waikiki
After this drama, Kim Jung Hyun became quite popular

Thanks to the success of the hit movies he participated in such as “Crash Landing on You” or “Mr. Queen”. However, the controversy related to his bad attitude towards his co-star Seohyun at the press conference for the 2018 drama Time was dug up. Then, the story turned in another direction when the public discovered that his girlfriend, the famous actress Seo Ye Ji, had psychologically manipulated Jung Hyun, leading to his impolite actions towards Seohyun. 

Welcome to Waikiki

Although he wrote a letter of apology, the public’s reaction to him was still not positive. Kim Jung Hyun possesses a good acting ability and has a lot of potentials, but he has ruined his future career.

Welcome to Waikiki

Kim Seon Ho 

In season 2, Kim Seon Ho played a role named Cha U Sik. This character is a high school classmate of the male lead played by Lee Yi Kyung. Welcome to Waikiki season 2 is one of the two projects with the participation of Kim Seon Ho in 2019, besides the work “Catch the Ghost” in collaboration with “national sister” Moon Geun Young.

In the past few days, while gradually becoming an A-list star, Kim Seon Ho got involved in a serious scandal that ruined his image and career. After many days of silence, he wrote an apology letter and confirmed that he was the actor “K” in the post of the girl claiming to be his ex-lover. Actor “K” in the girl’s post is an irresponsible person in love and especially, his personality in real life is completely different from the image built on TV.

Kim Seon Ho‘s scandal is much more serious than Kim Jung Hyun’s, not only because he is more famous, but the seriousness of this is also on another level. His rising career was ruined. He also had to withdraw from the variety show he was participating in and many future projects.

Son Seung Won 

But the scandal of the two actors mentioned above is nothing compared to what Son Seung Won as season 1 Bong Doo Shik had caused. At the end of 2018, Son Seung Won was found to have caused an accident while participating in traffic. The public was even angrier because his driver’s license had been confiscated earlier.

This mistake caused Son Seung Won to receive an 18-month penalty that was announced in April 2019. This is considered the end of the actor’s career of this 1990-born male star. He was released in May 2020 and periodically appeared on his personal social media accounts. The public, on the other hand, has yet to accept his comeback. Son Seung Won’s career now appears to be irreversible, even if a miracle occurs.

While Son Seung Won’s career is no longer redeemable, Kim Jung Hyun and Kim Seon Ho still have a chance to return.

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