Moments of idols not hesitating to show affection towards fans despite dangerous situations

Many idols don’t hesitate to do fanservice despite being in dangerous situations to repay fans’ love.

Between fans and idols exists a two-way relationship. Fans show support and care for their idols, while idols also try their best to treat and repay the huge love from fans. 

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Lisa’s appearance at the airport leaving for Paris recently drew keen attention. Many people were worried after seeing BLACKPINK’s maknae being surrounded by chaotic crowds of fans. It is said that about 9 bodyguards from Celine were waiting for Lisa at the VIP entrance.

Lisa’s cute expression when seeing fans

However, the female idol decided to take a normal entrance with only 2 guards in order to greet fans. As a result, Lisa got stuck inside a huge confusion of fans screaming and pushing each other. However, Lisa still smiled brightly and waved at her fans enthusiastically.

Jungkook (BTS)

BTS is so well-known as idols who treat fans as close friends. Among the members, “golden maknae” Jungkook is always seen showing his deep gratitude and great care for ARMYs, especially those who have been with the group since their debut.

BTS has now become extremely famous and they have so many fans around the world. It’s hard for the members to interact with every single fan. However, at BTS’s concert “LOVE YOURSELF” in Singapore, after noticing a fan dropping her phone, Jungkook hurriedly rushed to pick up the phone for that fan.

Jungkook BTS
Jungkook hurriedly picked up the phone for a fan in the middle of the performance

In 2019, when seeing a fan coming to the concert at the concert in Paris in a wheelchair, Jungkook didn’t hesitate to cross the barrier to greet that fan and shake her hands. This moment made the whole fandom feel so touched and proud of their idol.

Jungkook BTS
Jungkook startled all the guards as he crossed the barriers to get closer to a fan.


During a fansign event of BLACKPINK, Jennie melted all fans’ hearts with just some small actions of her. While signing for a fan, Jennie noticed that the weather was too hot so she turned the fans to her fans. It was just a little moment but has proved Jennie’s good sense and love for her fans.

Noticing that it was quite hot at the fansign event, Jennie let fans use her fan

There were times when Jennie got “angry” at her manager for taking the gifts from fans too early. Despite she might get criticized for having bad attitudes toward the manager, the female idol still decided to protect her precious fans. She also enthusiastically played with the hats, props and toys given by fans.

Jeongyeon (TWICE)

Jeongyeon of TWICE is also known for indulging her fans. She did not hesitate to give her umbrella to a fan who was waiting for her during an outside filming in the snowy winter. The moment in which Jeongyeon gave the fan an umbrella in the romantic white snow backdrop was reminiscent of a romance film. In addition, she gave her warm bag to her fans. Fans are ecstatic and proud of her wonderful gestures and behaviors.

Sehun (EXO)

Sehun is kind, witty, and friendly towards his fans in real life. When Sehun realized that fans sitting far away wanted to see him, he danced right away. Despite the manager’s protests, the male star continued to dance to the delight of the crowd.

Sehun EXO
Sehun continued to dance despite the manager’s objections, making everyone laugh and feel happy

Fans are delighted and love their idols even more as a result of their idols’ thoughtful and nice actions. These nice actions also bring the idols closer to the audience. This bond goes beyond idols and fans’ admiration; they appear to consider each other as family, ready to protect and support each other.

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