MAMAMOO’s Hwasa looks gorgeous with new short hair in recent Instagram photos

Singer Hwasa has transformed her long hair into bobbed hair. 

▲ Source: Hwasa’s Instagram.

Hwasa posted several photos on her SNS on March 12th, along with a short caption saying, “Ha, short hair.” The released photos showed Hwasa with short hair that comes up to her jawline instead of her long hair that comes up to her waist. 

In the other selfies, Hwasa posed in a different angle with perfect eye makeup with her hair changed to short hair. There is another notable photo in which she made a “V” sign with her eyes slightly closed with no makeup on. 

Hwasa, a member of the group MAMAMOO and also a solo singer, made headlines by appearing as a guest on KBS2’s recently aired “Stopping on the Road Once in a While” and talked about her thoughts as a singer and her sincerity in her solo song “Maria.” 

Hwasa said, “Just because I wear revealing clothes and my makeup was different, people regarded me as a bad person. I wrote the song with the thought of “Do you want me to just cry?” or “Do you want me to be sick?” “Yes, I’ll give you tears,” “I wrote the song when I was having a hard time, so my feelings were written.” “Maria is also my baptismal name. It’s a song that gives me comfort,” the singer explained.


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