Reasons why BLACKPINK Lisa deserves to be called the best dancer of K-Pop

Below are 10 reasons why Lisa is one of the best dancers of K-Pop.

The BLACKPINK members once revealed that Lisa felt the most comfortable when she was at the dance class. Seeing Lisa’s passionate performances on stage, fans can somehow understand her love for dancing. Aside from that, below are 10 reasons why Lisa is considered as one of the best dancers of K-Pop.

Lisa is considered as one of the best dancers of K-Pop.

Her physique

Even though she is only 1.67m in height, Lisa’s body proportion of 9:1 makes up for her height. With her rather short upper body and small waist, Lisa’s legs look even longer.

Her eyes and her gaze

Right from debut, Lisa already impressed people with her huge, round eyes and very deep eyelids, creating a mysterious aura. Making use of her eyes, Lisa always knows how to change her expression to play with the music. Not just her eyes, her perfectly harmonized facial features and elegant lines have earned her the title of “The world’s most beautiful face of 2021”.

Lean muscles

Aside from her doll-like face, Lisa’s lean body is another shocking reason. On “Youth With You 2,” Lisa has revealed that she had never gone on any diet, which means her lean body totally comes from her tight training schedule. That’s why, even though she looks underweight, Lisa’s actually healthy.

Willing to try various concepts

Lisa has never been considered a lame artist who only uses safe and familiar concepts. 6 years after her debut, Lisa has been through countless different concepts from feminine, girly to sexy and energetic. Even though she sticks to her full bang, Lisa has experienced all hair length, curly and straight.

Lisa Blackpink
Lisa also has a pure, elegant side.

Her confidence

Lisa surely knows well about her ability to control the stage, which is why she always exudes full confidence. From her wink, her eyebrow control to her smirk, everything is alluring. Performing, to Lisa, is like a walk around her favorite playground, which is why she never shows any stress or anxiety on stage.

lisa blackpink-lalisa
Lisa gets all the attention with her confidence.

Great beat feeling

In Lisa’s performances, the audience rarely sees her misses any beat. She also has the ability to memorize choreography very fast and the ability to freestyle at any time.

In 2018, the famous choreographer Honey J praised Lisa on her personal Instagram. The dancer uploaded Lisa‘s performance video at a BLACKPINK concert and expressed how surprised she was to know that it only took Lisa an hour to practice while an average person needed to spend weeks.

Lisa Blackpink-Honey J
Honey J once praised Lisa’s ability to memorize choreography. (Photo: koreaboo)


Not only having amazing memories, Lisa also possesses an outstanding dancing style compared to the other members. She always puts strength into each small and large movement. Thanks to that, the female idol looks even more attractive while performing powerful and eye-catching choreography.

Star atmosphere

The aura that radiates on Lisa is the attitude of a popular idol.  Even though she was mixed with the dancers, wearing not too fancy costumes, the audience’s bewitching eyes were still on her.  Therefore, the youngest member of BLACKPINK often holds the center position in important segments of the song.


Having practiced dancing from a very young age, Lisa has immersed herself in the rhythm and dance steps. The female idol always worked hard day and night for 5 years during her trainee days. At the program “Youth With You 2“, she said that even though the training classes took place from 12 noon to 12 pm, she practiced until 3-4 am. What she has today stems from her own efforts.

Lisa Blackpink
 Lisa stayed at the practice room all the time to practice her dancing skills.  (Photo: Pinterest)

Invest her best 

Lisa seems to have put all her heart into her solo debut. She has also carefully taken care of both the quality of the music and her image. Not only that, the skillful integration of Thai culture in the MV also shows her love for her roots. In addition, her dance videos are always shown very nicely.  The beautiful costumes Lisa wears in the MV are also not very unique.

Her dancing talent is no less than that of a professional dancer, and Lisa gives her all in all of her performances. Her success stems from not only her natural talents but also her own efforts and burning passion for dancing.

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