Hwasa Vs Lee Hyo Ri, same stage different reactions… Will the controversy be mentioned in “Dancing Queens On The Road”?

Performing on the same stage, Hwasa got criticized while Lee Hyo Ri received enthusiastic responses.

Earlier on May 12th, Hwasa showed up on the stage of Sungkyunkwan University Festival. She performed a medley of MAMAMOO’s hit songs and “Don Give” featuring Loco. However, her provocative gesture during the performance of “Don’t Give” caused controversy. In particular, the female singer licked her fingers with her tongue and then put her hands on a specific sensitive body part. 


Videos capturing that scene spread widely online, and netizens criticized Hwasa’s 19+ gesture, saying “Isn’t it excessive?”. Some people raise the issue that the level of the performances should have been strictly adjusted due to the nature of a festival, where people of all ages gathered. However, some others believe that “it was just a part of the performance and we should refrain from making exaggerated interpretations.”

Hwasa is known as a representative singer of the girl crush concept, following Uhm Jung Hwa, Kim Wan Sun and Lee Hyo Ri. Although she has been so well-loved for her bold and charismatic side, the controversy has continued for two days.


On the contrary, Lee Hyo Ri also performed at the same festival and received explosive cheers. Looking like she just returned to her heyday 20 years ago, Lee Hyo Ri aroused keen public interest. Internet users left positive comments, such as “She’s so perfect”, “As expected… God Hyo Ri”, etc.

In fact, the two’s performances were actually parts of the filming for “Dancing Queens On The Road”. Attention is focused on whether Hwasa’s controversy will be mentioned on the broadcast.

Source: Nate

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