“Hospital Playlist 3” canceled, Jo Jung-suk confirmed to join “The Land of Happiness”

Actor Jo Jung-suk, who recently gained huge popularity with his role Lee Ik-jun in the “Hospital Playlist” series, quickly decides on his next film and continues his working-hard spree. 

Jo Jung suk

Jo chose “The Land of Happiness”, a film produced by Papas Film and Oscar 10 Studio and distributed by NEW, as his next movie. “The Land of Happiness” depicts the story of a person caught up in an incident that stirred up modern history and a lawyer struggling to fight for him. 

Jo Jung suk

Jo Jung-suk’s role will be of a lawyer who believes there’s no justice, only victory or defeat, in court.

Jo Jung suk

In addition to Jo Jung-suk, Lee Sun-kyun and Yoo Jae-myung have also confirmed their appearances in the movie.

It will be directed by director Joo Changmin, the one behind many successful projects such as “Gwanghae, the man who becomes the king” and “Seven Years’ Nights”, raising credibility for the movie.

According to NEW, “The Land of Happiness” is currently filming intending to appear in the cinema in 2022. The actors already started their first shoot on Saturday. After his first shooting, Jo Jung-suk said, “I read the script carefully, and I’m looking forward to challenging a new genre. I’m happy to be able to work with talented actors, directors, and staff. I’ll do my best to be able to greet the audience with a good movie”.

People are focusing on how Jo Jung-suk, who is enjoying his 2nd heyday with “Hospital Playlist”, will return as a lawyer.

Source: Insight

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