“My Dearest” Kim Seo-an “Namkoong Min’s sincere eyes make me cry without even realizing it”

Actress Kim Seo-an (25) expressed gratitude towards Namkoong Min, with whom she worked through the drama “My Dearest”

Kim Seo-an played the role of Young-rang in MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “My Dearest” (written by Hwang Jin-young, directed by Kim Seong-yong and Cheon Soo-jin).

“My Dearest” is set during the Qing invasion of Joseon, and portrays the inspiring story of people who find hope and positivity even in the most challenging times. It concluded with a nationwide viewership rating of 12.9% according to Nielsen Korea.

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Reflecting on the first shoot of “My Dearest” during an interview with Newsen on Nov 20th, Kim Seo-an said, “I tend to be quite nervous. When you practice lines while constantly being nervous, it’s easy to make mistakes, so I tried to get used to the atmosphere.”

She expressed her gratitude, “Senior Namkoong Min is an actor I really want to resemble. He was so affectionate, and explained things very well. He detailedly taught me what to do in certain situations. Senior Ahn Eun-jin was really kind-hearted. She played a lot of pranks, and greeted me willingly. She was a senior from whom I could receive good energy.”

kim seo an

Reminiscing about a scene with Namkoong Min in episode 11 of “My Dearest”, Kim Seo-an shared, “At that time, I think tears came out without me knowing. He matched my tempo well, and the gaze he sent was so sincere that I didn’t realize (that I cried).

Kim Seo-an further praised Namkoong Min, “He must have been really tired, but his energy was always consistent. That’s why I thought he was really amazing. Perhaps because the shooting was overwhelming, his condition might not have been good in the end, but yesterday at the wrap party, he said ‘I came to see all of you’ and greeted each and every one of us with ‘You worked really hard’.

Source: Daum

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