Krystal and Amber posted their congratulations on f(x)’s 12th debut anniversary

The members of f(x) have one by one uploaded posts to celebrate the 12th anniversary of their debut.

On September 5, Amber posted a picture taken during an old era of f(x) and wrote a message to her members: “Guys! Let’s go! Happy 12th anniversary, girls. Thanks a lot, MeU (f(x) ‘s fandom name), and I’ll always work hard for you. I miss you all, Big Mom (Victoria), puppy Sun Young (Luna), my bro Sull (Sulli), and ice princess (Krystal).”

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Krystal also uploaded a photo of the f(x) members’ doing a cute pose of hiding and only revealing their eyes. She wrote in her caption: “Our happy 12th anniversary”. The photo attracted attention as it showed the members in colorful old makeup styles 12 years ago.

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F(x) debuted in 2009 with “Lachata”. During the group’s active period, they have made many hits such as “Chu~”, “NU ABO”, “Hot Summer”, “Electric Shock”, “Rum Pum Pum Pum”, “Red Light” and “4 Walls”.

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