Model in controversial Blue House photoshoot criticized for promoting herself on YouTube

Model and broadcaster Han Hye Jin, who appeared in the controversial Blue House fashion pictorials, promotes her YouTube channel

On September 2nd, model and broadcaster Han Hye Jin uploaded a screenshot of her new YouTube video on Instagram. She also added the caption: “Online house-warming party on YouTube. Come and see me this yeven. Thank you.”

The video will unveil Han Hye Jin’s new house, and is published on the model’s new channel. 

han hye jin

However, the public is not pleased that Han Hye Jin is promoting her YouTube channel, seeing that she has been embroiled in controversies recently. 

In particular, the model appeared in a pictorial for the fashion magazine Vogue Korea, which was released on August 22nd. 

han hye jin

The photo shoot in question took place in the main building of the Korean governmental office Blue House, the Inwang Room, the central staircase, and the guesthouse. As this is a place full of historical and cultural values, the pictorial attempted to honor traditional elements of Korea, embedded in clothes.

However, netizens found that the historicality of the space and the meaning of hanbok were not honored, and when it was revealed that some of the clothes worn in Vogue photoshoot were the work of Japanese designers, criticisms started to flood in. 

han hye jin

Regarding the photoshoot, Hanbok designer Park Sul Nyeo said: “Is it really a hanbok if I wear only one Korean dress in a Western dress? It’s a bit disappointing that photos of such clothes were taken in a symbolic place.” 

When the controversy broke out, Vogue Korea made the pictures private on their official site. The Cultural Heritage Administration also issued an official apology. 

On the other hand, Han Hye Jin, who was loved for her unique honesty and a model of the controversial shoot, remains silent about the situation. 

han hye jin

She also restricts comments on her Instagram on August 30th, after her SNS was filled with complaints about the controversy. 

Now that Han Hye Jin continues to ignore public opinion and posted promotional posts instead, netizens express a sore disappointment. 

Source: dispatch

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