K-netizens Believe That BLACKPINK Has Written A New History For K-pop Girl Groups

Netizens expressed admiration for the outstanding career of BLACKPINK

A netizen on theqoo recently listed out the records BLACKPINK has achieved throughout the 7 years of their career.

blackpink concert

Apart from the successful group and solo albums, BLACKPINK has earned various unrivaled achievements, such as holding the highest-grossing world tour “BORN PINK”, winning the world’s biggest music awards, charting on Billboard HOT 100 the most times among girl groups, becoming a headliner at Coachella and Hyde Park festivals, etc. 

In response, other netizens commented:

  • It’s not easy to have another group like this. It would have been better if the members were more greedy and renewed their contracts
  • BLACKPINK is a legend
  • They should get together and promote as a group again to maintain the brand’s value of BLACKPINK
  • This is why they are called “best girl group of all time”
  • I feel so proud that such an amazing girl group was created in Koreaㅋㅋㅋ The fact that people are still talking about them even during their hiatus proves that they’re still hot
  • I’m so jealous of them. They must be living a very enjoyable life
  • Their career is so amazing. I guess YG would be doomed if BLACKPINK don’t renew their contract
  • They’re so cool… I hope their contract renewal goes well and we can see each other more often
  • But they’re disbanding… What a regret
  • I hope the four members will continue promoting together

Source: theqoo

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