Lee Se-young talked about the most memorable word she has ever heard throughout 26 years of her acting career

Lee Se-young appeared on “Knowing Bros” and shared different stories, including the most memorable words she heard throughout her acting career.

In the broadcast of JTBC’s entertainment program “Knowing Bros” aired on the evening of February 19th, Lee Se-young appeared as a guest and talked about various things.

JTBC’s Knowing Bros
JTBC’s Knowing Bros

During the “Guess Me” corner, the actress gave a quiz, “What was the most memorable word I heard throughout my 26 years of acting?”. Lee Se-young then gave a hint, saying, “This is what a director said to me”.

Kim Young-chul said, “You didn’t put on makeup?”, and that was the correct answer. Lee Se-young explained, “He said, ‘You just need to do your hair and makeup now, right?’, and filmed the scene again”, drawing laughter.

Lee Se-young added, “Men don’t know anything unless women put on thick makeup”.

JTBC’s Knowing Bros
JTBC’s Knowing Bros

When comedian Lee Jin-ho asked, “Have you ever worn a historical drama costume going somewhere outside?”, Lee Se-young replied, “I went to a restaurant while dressing up as a historical character and everyone looked at me”.

Lee Se-young continued, “I didn’t want to show that appearance so I was really careful. But my hairstyle was also a historical drama style, right? The hairstyle could be easily recognized anywhere even when I was wearing a modern drama outfit.”

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