Lee Se-young revealed her mother has never taken one penny from her acting money ever since she debuted at 5

Actress Lee Se-young revealed that all the fees she received while working as an actress for 26 years are in her bank account.

JTBC's "Knowing Bros"
JTBC’s “Knowing Bros”

JTBC’s “Knowing Bros,” which aired on the 19th, featured the appearance of Lee Se-young, who played a Deok-im in MBC’s hit drama “The Red Sleeve.”

On this day, Lee Se-young said in the “Guess what” section, “There is something shocking I witnessed and said when I was young. What do you think it is?”

Min Kyung-hoon made his guess, “Se-young thought your acting fee was 3 million won. But it turned out that your mom received 5 million won,” mentioning her 26-year career as an actress.

Lee Se-young said, “My mother has never taken my money behind my back,” adding, “I have an account, so she put it all in my bank account.”

When the cast members asked, “But maybe your mother took it little by little,” Lee Se-young said, “I checked. My mother taught me how to do that one by one on purpose,” drawing surprise.

But Lee Sang-min said, “Don’t trust everything. When I was in my prime, my mother bought a house with the money I saved. My money was 350 million in total, but my mother told me it was only 250 million,” he said, drawing laughter.

The answer to Lee Se-young‘s question was the time she made eye contact with a ghost without a face on the mountain path when she was young.

Lee Se-young said, “I went to meet my mom and came back and I encountered a ghost while walking along a dark mountain path. She was using a cell phone, but her hair was long and her face was gone. I pretended to be calm and said, “You startled me, unnie,” and went home without looking back.”

Meanwhile, Lee Se-young made her debut with the SBS drama “Brother’s River” in 1996. Making her debut as a child, the actress turned 31 this year but has already had a 26-year career.

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