K-drama actresses born in the early 90s that represent their generation

This next generation of Korean actresses have beauty, talent, prestige, and a lot of awards. 

When it comes to actresses born in the early 80s, names like Song Hye Kyo, Jun Ji Hyun, Son Ye Jin, Kim Min Hee, will come to our minds. However, as the new generation of actresses started to rise, below are the most iconic names born in the early 90s.

Kim Tae Ri (1990)

1990 is the year of birth for a lot of iconic actresses, but among them, Kim Tae Ri stands out despite her short filmography. The actress only started acting 6 years ago, and yet has proven herself to be a formidable face with both beauty and talent, with both commercial and critical achievements.

In fact, none of Kim Tae Ri’s works perform less than stellar, movies and dramas included. Her debut movie, “The Handmaiden”, won a whopping 10 awards from all sorts of ceremonies, and earned Kim Tae Ri the Best New Actress title at the prestigious Blue Dragon Film Awards. Her K-dramas “Mr. Sunshine” and “Twenty Five Twenty One” are huge successes, and Kim Tae Ri was also recently awarded Baeksang’s Best Actress, proving her standing in the Korean acting field. 

Kim Go Eun (1991)

Among actresses born in 1991, Kim Go Eun is undoubtedly the most successful, and like Kim Tae Ri, she earned huge popularity right from her debut work, “A Muse”. Over time, Kim Go Eun has earned notable achievements on both the big and small screen, including a Best Actress title at the Blue Dragon Series Awards with her role in “Yumi’s Cells”. 

Kim Go Eun is also known for her versatility and constant changes in image. The actress can play all sorts of roles, showing her talent from work to work. She holds great potential to become a top actress outside of the 90s generation as well. 

Park Eun Bin (1992)

While Kim Ji Won is also a top contender for being the most iconic actress born in 1992, Park Eun Bin is leading thanks to her recent achievements from the two K-dramas “The King’s Affection” and “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”. The latter series, in particular, has been seeing explosive popularity, boosting Park Eun Bin’s position to a whole new level. 

Outside of the small screen, Park Eun Bin also receives critical acclaim for her movie roles. While the actress is not yet reaping awards like Kim Tae Ri and Kim Go Eun, she is a prospective star with an insurmountable potential. 

IU (1993)

Similar to 1991, there are not many famous actresses born in 1993. As a result, IU quickly becomes the most prominent representative. For many discerning spectators, IU’s acting ability remains imperfect, but it has certainly improved, significantly so since her debut in the film industry.

Being nominated for Best Actress at the Baeksang Arts Awards for two years in a row with My Mister (2019) and Hotel De Luna (2020) is a tremendous accomplishment that not all young female stars can achieve. Furthermore, she had the honor of participating in Broker, which garnered a nomination at the Cannes Film Festival, elevating IU’s position beyond her peers.

Jeon Jong Seo (1994)

Among the actresses born in 1994, Jeon Jong Seo – a talented rookie was selected to this list. Jeon Jong Seo is not really famous in dramas but her impressive appearance in Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area has proved her talent.

Jeon Jong Seo, like Kim Tae Ri, can be described as an actress who has never failed. Jeon Jong Seo’s fame may not be as high as Han So Hee’s, but her talent, status, and awards much above those of Han So Hee. In such aspects, Jeon Jong Seo is likewise more prominent in terms of fame than Shim Eun Kyung.

Kim Da Mi (1995)

About 2 or 3 years ago, Nam Ji Hyun would have appeared in this position, but unfortunately it is now 2022 and the representative for this year should be Kim Da Mi.

It is unknown whether Nam Ji Hyun will be able to reclaim her glory in the future, but at the moment, Kim Da Mi is the most prominent female actress born in 1995.

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