The outstanding wedding dresses of top female celebrities in Korea (ft. Son Ye Jin, Davichi Lee Haeri) 

As wedding season approaches, more attention than ever is being paid to the wedding dresses of top Korean stars.

2022 seems to be filled with news of marriage in the entertainment industry. From Son Yeon Jae to Ayumi, here are the wedding dresses of stars who have released their wedding photos, as well as all their information, from price to concept. 

Son Yeon Jae, a former gymnast, married a non-celebrity 9 years older than her on August 21st. Actors Lee Min Jung, Oh Yoon Ah, Irene, etc. attended and lit up the event, while singer Bada Kyuhyun, Ailee, and K. Will delivered congratulatory performances.

A photo of Son Yeon Jae wearing a pure white wedding dress, which was revealed on the day of the wedding, quickly became a hot topic. Apparently, it comes from the Spring 2023 collection of luxury brand Elie Saab, which is the same brand Son Ye Jin wore during her pre-wedding festivities. The gown adorned by Son Yeon Jae boasted an off-shoulder design, further emphasizing the former gymnast’s loveliness. 

It is said that not only the wedding dress, but also the cost of wedding hall decoration for the venue, exceeds the cost of a mid-size car. However, Son Yeon Jae’s luxurious wedding wasn’t the only hot topic, as she also exerted a good influence by donating 50 million won to a children’s hospital right after.

Former Kpop idol Ayumi, who is about to get married in October, also draws attention with her wedding pictorial, where she’s dressed in a gorgeous white gown. The dress comes from a new collection by a Korean brand, and flaunts eye-catching frill details that creates a dream and romantic mood. 

Not as princess-like as other gowns, but Davichi member Lee Hae Ri’s elegant wedding dress also became the talk of town. The dress highlighted Lee Hae Ri’s figure perfectly, and adopted a nude tone and see-through style. It is known that the cost of Lee Hae Ri’s wedding ceremony alone amounted to a whopping 50 million won, and her dress’s rental prince accounted for 1 million won. Apparently, the famous singer spent most of her budget on the venue and wedding favors for guests, resulting in a small, but luxurious ceremony.

The wedding that received the most attention this year was by far that of Hyun bin and Son Ye Jin. Fans detected that the wedding dress worned by Son Ye Jin in her wedding pictorial is from the luxury brand Vera Wang, particularly from the 2020 Spring Bridal collection. With lace wrapped around her arms and shoulders, the gown of Son Ye Jin created a unique alluring atmosphere. In the past, Vera Wang was also selected for the weddings of Shim Eun Ha and Kim Nam Joo. 

Source: daum

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