IU’s way of loving Lee Jong Suk? “I love you enough to put you to sleep every day”

On January 3rd, tvN re-released the episode of “You Quiz on the Block” (You Quiz) with IU’s guest appearance on YouTube, which was first broadcast in April last year.

The video shows IU’s view of love and is gaining attention again after she admitted to dating Lee Jong Suk on December 31st.

IU looked back on her life with her own music. When asked how she wrote the lyrics of “Through the Night,” IU said, “It was when I couldn’t sleep well. I thought about what would be the most sincere confession to my loved one.”

She continued, “I was suffering from insomnia at the time, so I thought that saying ‘good night’ and ‘sleep well’ was the most honest confession.”

IU you quiz

Upon hearing this, Yoo Jae Suk and Jo Se Ho admired IU’s way of showing love. 

Jo Se Ho then asked IU, “If you had someone you love, what would you say if you were asked, ‘How much do you love me’?”

In response, IU said, “As an extension of ‘Through the Night’, I want to say, ‘I love you enough to put you to sleep every day’.”

IU you quiz

Coincidentally, her boyfriend, Lee Jong Suk, praised IU’s lyrics writing skills and claimed to be a fan of hers in the past. This was before their dating was revealed.

In an interview with the fashion magazine Elle last February, Lee Jong Suk picked IU’s “Winter Sleep” as “a song I listen to often these days”.

Lee Jong Suk said, “I tend to listen to songs with good lyrics. When I listen to lyrical and sentimental songs, I feel like tearing up.”

“Winter Sleep” is a song written and composed by IU herself.  Lee Jong Suk also revealed that he fell in love with IU’s musicality.

Source: Nate

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