A video of Jeon So Min swearing on a live stream is spreading rapidly online, “How can she say that swear word so softly?”

Actress Jeon So Min’s surprise appearance on a recent live broadcast is drawing keen attention from netizens.

Ha Ha hosted a live stream on his Twitch account ‘Ha Dong Hoon’ on February 13th.

jeon so min

Comedian Yang Se Chan appeared as a guest. After recording SBS’s “Running Man”, he stopped by Ha Ha’s house for an afterparty and joined the live broadcast.

The two played “Jump King” together and interacted with viewers. Later, Yang Se Chan received a call from actress Jeon So Min. Jeon So Min called as she felt frustrated because of the two’s game skills while watching the broadcast.

jeon so min
jeon so min

The sudden appearance of Jeon So Min’s voice heated up the atmosphere. Ha Ha and Yang Se Chan decided to make a video call on the live stream and showed Jeon So Min to the viewers. The number of viewers increased quickly and exceeded 10,000 as soon as Jeon So Min appeared.

While talking on the phone, Jeon So Min asked Ha Ha how to top up money because she wanted to make a donation. Ha Ha and Yang Se Chan replied, saying “You have to put your hand on it to top up money”, “You have to say it out loud. Follow me”, etc.

jeon so min
jeon so min

Dumbfounded by the two’s playful answers, Jeon So Min suddenly said, “Do you think I’m a XXX?”. Surprised by Jeon So Min’s reaction, Yang Se Chan burst into laughter and Ha Ha tried to control the situation by saying, “No, that’s not what I mean…”, drawing laughter from viewers.

Right after the broadcast, the video cut of Jeon So Min’s swearing scene spread in various online communities. Netizens commented, “I thought I heard it wrong”, “Her face and voice are all beautiful”, “She swore… What a twist”, “She really has the ‘actor’ vibe”, “She couldn’t make a donation so she eventually banked the money herself”, “How can she say that swear word so softly?”, “She looks pretty in the video call”, etc.

Source: wikitree

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