Oh My Girl Arin introduces her perfume and diet food, “I like protein shakes”

Oh My Girl member Arin revealed the stuff she carried along in her bag.

On May 24th, the Youtube channel ‘Monotube’ uploaded a video titled “(ENG) OH MY GIRL Arin #2”.


In the video, Arin took out her bag and said, “Let me show you what there are in my bag. So in my bag, there are a lot.” First of all, Arin introduced her perfume. She said, “This is my new perfume. I got this as a gift. Recently, I get a lot of perfumes as gifts so I’m using different ones every day. Its scent is a bit heavy. Heavy but not too heavy. It’s the heavy vanilla scent.”

She continued, “This is my protein shake. It’s really easy to eat outside. Just put milk in it and shake it, done! Highly recommend!”, introducing her dieting food.


In Arin’s bag, there were more items, such as a wallet, a mouth spray, nail nutrition, a toothbrush and throat spray. While introducing the items one by one, Arin took out her charger and said, “It has a sticker from my fan on it. This is a mark saying ‘It’s Arin’s’. Because I don’t want to lose it”, expressing her love for fans.

Source: Naver

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