BTS Jungkook mentioned enlistment, j-hope, and revealed his “shaving plan”

Jungkook, a member of boy group BTS, mentioned the military and enlistment in a recent livestream with fans. 

On May 25th, BTS Jungkook conducted a live broadcast titled the fan community platform Weverse.

During this interaction with fans, Jungkook laughed and replied positively when he read a comment saying, “We love you in the military.”


He then mentioned fellow BTS member j-hope, who is currently serving in the military, saying, “Our Hobi hyung (j-hope) had his completion ceremony. He sent a selfie to the group chat and his eyes looked very manly.”

Jungkook then expressed a bittersweet feeling and confidently sang the military anthem, before saying, “Oh, I have to go (to the military) too. I will go and come back impressively.”

Furthermore, in preparation for his military enlistment, Jungkook revealed his plan to shave his head, as he currently has long hair.


Jungkook explained, “When the time comes, I will gradually cut my hair shorter instead of suddenly cutting it all off. It’s called ‘hair-lighting.’ I’ll keep cutting my hair gradually, so you won’t notice it until one day you think, ‘When did his hair get so short?’ or ‘When did he shave it all off?’ I want it to feel natural for you.”

Meanwhile, BTS members are fulfilling their military duties according to their individual plans. Previously, members Jin and j-hope applied for the cancellation of enlistment postponement, and are currently serving in active duty.

Source: Naver

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