The more one knows about Seo Yeji the worse it gets, but Kim Junghyun is not emotionless but actually smart

At this point, he should be considered Mr. Smarty, not Mr. Emotionless. In the middle of Seo Yeji’s series of controversies, Kim Junghyun is slowly getting himself out of everything by staying silent, uploading an apology, and mentioning his depression.

On entertainment newspaper, news about Seo Yeji spreads out day by day. Started with Kim Junghyun manipulating, acting rude, faking educational background, false intervews, school violence, gaslighting other people and now accusation of not returning plane ticket fee. The fact that Seo Yeji’s situation is getting worse everyday by every controversy, is something that never happened before.

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She is getting criticized by all the scandals whether they are true or not so it seems like her future career as an actress is becoming difficult for her. Her image is totally ruined and commercials that she modeled for are suffering losses.

Seo Yeji certainly has to take responsibility for her actions. There is nothing wrong about a celebrity getting criticized by their bad personality and flaw actions. But it doesn’t feel right that “Kim Junghyun manipulating controversy” has become just “Manipulating controversy”.

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After Dispatch revealed Seo Yeji and Kim Junghyun’s messenges, from the controversy of Seo Yeji manipulating Kim Junghyun, Kim Junghyun being called Mr. Emotionless and a coward, things have become problems with just Seo Yeji.

It is not about emphasizing Kim Junghyun’s fault but the fact that he posted an apology for his false actions with drama “Time” filming process after 3 years by talking about his depression is unforgivable.

People only focus on discovering the truth behind Seo Yeji’s controversies but Kim Junghyun is well whitewashed by his company while he also acted rudely towards staff along with Seo Yeji. Kim Junghyun then became just one of the men in Seo Yeji’s scandal with men.

Meanwhile, Kim Junghyun is still having a contract dispute with O& Entertainment and Korea Entertainment Management is planning on deliberating the issue.

Source: Nate

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